Gym Coach

She has been with Conxion Brands for over 6 years now!! She teaches at Overpark Elementary. And she is a great asset for our program!!


Gym Coach

Hannah had been taking classes at Conxion Olive Branch since she was 10. She coaches Tumbling and Ninja, and hopes to one day own her own gym to spread her passion of the sport. 


Gym Manager

Coach Stone is our web designer as well as one of our trio of graphic designing coaches. He has taught for us for over a year and runs the Tramp & Tumbling team.


Gym Coach

Coach Remington has been flipping since he was a toddler. At around 8 years old, he began power tumbling with Coach Ryan, he began to train to become a state and regional champion level 10 tumbler with many of abilities.

This is Coach Remington’s second year coaching for ConXion OB.


Gym Coach

She was a former gymnast and coached all throughout college at Gymstars in Collierville. She coaches our preschool team. She usually has her oldest with her joining in her classes, this little nugget might get tired sometimes, but is going to go far!!


Gym Coach

Formerly an instructor for rec classes, Abigayle is now the lead coach of our  Bronze and Silver competitive teams. She loves seeing the gymnasts progress to met their goals.


Gym Coach

Carly was a former gymnast for 8 years. She is currently a cheerleader for Lewisberg High School. She has been coaching for Conxion OB for 4 months now. She loves working with kids and wants to help the kids she coaches find the same love of gymnastics that she has.


Gym Coach

Angie started gymnastics when she was 3 years old. She cheered for 4 years in high school. She has been coaching for the past 4 years and loves working with the preschoolers at Conxion OB.

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Suite 100 
Olive Branch, MS 38654