All Tumbling classes meet once a week for 1 hour and

cost $70 per month. Add a second class for only $40!

*Class times are listed once you create your account in our parent portal.

Tumbling Foundations


No prior knowledge or skill is required for this class. Athletes will learn all foundational tumbling skills--forward roll, backward roll, handstand, cartwheel, and bridge kickover--all while gaining the body control, core strength, and shoulder flexibility needed to become a dynamic tumbler.



Tumbling 1

PREREQUISITE: Handstand/Cartwheel 


This class will focus on strength, flexibility, and complete comfort while inverted in all positions, while also learning how to create power. Key skills taught include the backbend kickover, front limber, back walkover, front walkover, and mastering the round off. Back handspring drills and progressions will prepare athletes for Tumbling 2.



Tumbling 2

PREREQUISITE: Backbend Kickover


The standing back handspring and round-off back handspring are the first skills acquired in this class. Athletes will refine all previously acquired foundational skills, transition a variety of walkovers into back handsprings, and will work towards multiplying back handsprings with increasing speed and power. Upon completion of this class, athletes will be prepped to learn the next big skill--the back tuck.



Tumbling 3

PREREQUISITE: Standing Back Handspring


This class is all about tucks! Key skills taught include the standing back handspring to back tuck, round-off back handspring to back tuck, and the standing tuck. Athletes will also learn basic twisting drills to prepare for learning layouts and fulls in the Tumbling 4.



Tumbling 4

PREREQUISITE: Round-off Back Handspring Back Tuck


The premier focus of this class is the layout. Once mastered, athletes will work on twisting the layout--both forward and backward. Athletes will also learn how to connect tucks to other skills, advancing in scope and complexity as the individual progresses.



What should my child wear?

A leotard or snug fitting shirt and athletic shorts may be worn. All loose fitting shirts must be tucked in. Clothing with zippers or buckles are not allowed, due to safety reasons. Cheerleaders may wear cheer shoes if desired. Long hair must be pulled back. No jewelry please.

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